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This monthly ninety minute brainstorming session brings members together to discuss business
challenges and opportunities. It is a safe environment where we celebrate success, solve pressing issues, offer support and encouragement, unleash creativity and gain valuable insights to expand and grow businesses. Each session is structured to give the spotlight to one individual’s business issues, utilize the powerful minds and diverse disciplines within our own community, and help establish valuable relationships between like-minded industry professionals.

Last Tuesday of the month 7:30 - 9 am
Bishop McCann 1701 Walnut Kansas City, Missouri 64108
Free - Members Only Event

For more information or if you woudl like to attend a Master Minds session, please email or call (816) 474-3558.

What people are saying

Paul Russell, Owner EJ4

High dollar consulting value at a no dollar fee; that's Masterminds.

Stella Crewse, CEO Morgan Miller Plumbing

Attending MasterMinds is such a valuable resource for a small business.  It is like having your own Board of Directors to help guide you in your business decisions.

Josh Strodtman, Mid-America GLCC

MasterMind's dynamic leadership team works with each presenter to ensure they get the most out of the session. We have heard time and time again that the prep work leading up to the presentation is very self-revealing--it's an "ah-ha!" moment. MasterMinds provides invaluable insight.

Cliff Schiappa, Director of Development, Heartland Mens Corus

MasterMinds is probably just as valuable to the folks in the audience as it is for the person making the presentation. While listening to a business issue from the presenter, it causes me to reflect upon my own workplace challenges and how I might solve them, or turn them into opportunities.  Also, it’s a wonderful networking opportunity on a more intimate scale than the monthly B2B Networking events (which are good in their own way).

Jennifer Flood JD, President IntegriShield

Masterminds has been an incredibly valuable program. The knowledge the group brings to the table is second to none. It’s been an open an honest place that we can share business challenges and use other’s experiences to help each other. I’ve been challenged, inspired and integral,  at the same time.

Jeff Morgan, Morgan Miller Plumbing

Being part of Masterminds with the MAGLCC has improved our company in more ways than we could of ever imagined. There isn't a month that goes by that we don't take something away from the meeting and use it to our advantage. The connections and relationships developed go well beyond a simple networking opportunity.Yes, at first it was daunting and a bit intimidating. As with anything that is new and different. Yet,simply put, Morgan Miller Plumbing is now a better company because of Masterminds.

Dr. Thomas Cotter, Active Health Solutions

A safe place for self-reflection.  Masterminds has given me a place to receive advice from very smart, talented people and to also be able to offer some advice to others.  It is a collection of a wide variety of people and careers that each look at things in a slightly different light.  I half the time have some thoughts to throw in and the other half think about how the suggestions being thrown out to the presenter, could be applied to my business.  Life is so busy that we don’t often reflect on how to improve. We get caught up in tackling the next hurdle in front of us.  Masterminds gives us a chance to do just that, reflect.

Adam Gebhardt, Director of Marketing / TIVOL

MasterMinds serves as a great equalizer: a place where people from various backgrounds and experiences can gather to learn, to offer valuable professional input, and to demonstrate their belief in an equitable community that is free of stereotype and judgement.

Kyle Danner, Graduate Student Mental Health Care

While we focus on another member’s company as part of MAGLCC’s MasterMinds, I always walk away with 2 or 3 new ideas I can us for my business.

Michael Molick, Artist

Masterminds has been a wonderful way for me to hear what other business owners are experiencing and struggling with. Even though our businesses are all different, there's a thread that goes through them that the solutions we strive to come up with can be applied to all of us in some manner.

Mary Moeller, President Starrtek

Masterminds is one of the highlights of my month. providing so much than any other organizational meeting I’ve attended. I treasure the the help, love and concern each member of Masterminds has given to me. In February 2015 I swallowed my pride and asked to be a presenter, which means asking for help and suggestions regarding a few of the challenges facing Starrtek. I was given help in creating the presentation for the meeting and after the presentation was given invaluable insite on overcoming those challenges. As said, this group is the highlight of my month!

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