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Comments on the 2024 Missouri and Kansas Legislative Sessions

Policy Committee Update

The Mid-America LGBT Chamber of Commerce stands in opposition of all anti-LGBTQ legislation proposed in the 2024 Kansas and Missouri Legislative sessions. We believe this legislation, including proposals limiting the rights of our trans neighbors and colleagues, is discriminatory, creates economic instability, and negatively impacts the business community.

The Chamber promotes business; therefore we favor public policy that creates a stable business climate in which our member businesses can successfully operate. These proposed bills counter that position.

We support public policy that will assist our member businesses in positioning themselves on the cutting edge of the economic future. We believe inclusive business practices lead to healthier work forces that attract and retain high-quality talent.

We encourage the Kansas and Missouri Legislative bodies to abandon all anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and embrace the changing demographic of America's workforce. These bills are harmful to our member businesses and the economic community at large. We expect our policy leaders to provide a stable backdrop for economic success and tackle real issues.

You can take action. Reach out to your elected officials in opposition of the many bills aimed at the LGBTQ community.

Contact Information

For all general and media inquiries, please contact the office of the Executive Director of the Mid-America LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

T DeMarea headshot

Tracey DeMarea
Executive Director

Call:   (816) 474-3558
Mail:  1475 Walnut Street, Kansas City MO 64106

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