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ACTION ALERT: Contact the Senate Education Committee to oppose SB 208

ACTION ALERT_ Contact the Senate Education Committee to Oppose SB 208

ACTION ALERT: Contact the Senate Education Committee to oppose SB 208

Last week, we successfully stopped an attempt in the House to attach an amendment that would bully trans youth and require trans athletes to participate in the athletic team that matches the gender they were assigned at birth and would subject any female athlete to a genital exam to "prove" they are female, if challenged by any other player, family, coach.

Once again, Anti-Transgender State Senators are busy creating fear around a non-issue at the cost of the wellbeing of our state’s children, LGBTQ+ population, and reputation.  At a time when states are struggling to attract quality business and the workforce necessary to staff them, our political leaders must focus on enacting laws that protect and support all Kansans, including transgender and nonbinary youth and LGBTQ+ members of our community.

Bills which target transgender youth and citizens discourage people from living or working in Kansas.   Studies by the NCAA and American Journal of Sports Medicine indicate that there is no direct or consistent research suggesting transgender athletes have an advantage in sports and there are numerous studies which indicate bills like this are psychologically harmful to LGBTQ+ children and their families.  The Kansas State High School Activities Association, which oversees sports and other activities, has been notified of only five transgender students who are active in middle school or high school activities across the entire state.

SB 208 is dangerous, wrong for Kansas, and is another attempt to bully children.  Members of the committee must hear from you and your networks.  Your immediate and direct action is the only way to stop this harmful legislation. . Be sure to include your name and zip code.,,,,,,,,,



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I oppose SB 208, which would subject female athletes to genital inspections if challenged by any student, parent, or coach. Further, there is nothing keeping the result of this exam private.  SB 208 is disgraceful legislation in search of a problem that does not exist in Kansas and will only serve to drive business and qualified employees away from our State.

Please vote NO on SB 208.

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For all general and media inquiries, please contact the office of the Executive Director of the Mid-America LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

Suzanne Wheeler (She/Her/Hers)

Suzanne Wheeler
Executive Director

Call:   (816) 474-3558
Mail:   P.O. Box 5961, Kansas City, Missouri 65171

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