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Chamber Speaks

Chamber Speaks is a professional development program dedicated to helping members build effecitve communication skills through small group and public speaking, conducting and leading meetings, and more.


Chamber Speaks is a four-month long series that enhances individuals’ abilities to effectively speak, conduct meetings, lead groups and more.

During the monthly sessions, participants will engage in a variety of hands-on learning activities and instructional methods. Most importantly, the program provides an affirming and constructive space for people to grow at their pace.

Program registration is open to all active Chamber Members. Up to ten (10) members are selected for each four-month session.


“No matter what role we play in an organization, communication is the foundation to success.”

Ricky Walker, Chamber Speaks Co-Chair

"Chamber Speaks was an intensive program that taught me how to feel confident about public speaking.  Ricky, our instructor, gave practical tips, tools, and resources on how to enhance your craft. We did all of our classes on zoom. Surprisingly, they were very effective and engaging! I found myself enjoying each class and my fellow participants. I highly recommend this course to others looking to improve their public speaking skills."

Jasmine Baudler - Owner - Stellar Information Studios

"Chamber Speaks was the kind of educational content I’ve been craving from a Chamber. I am a lifetime learner and there is so much talent in this community, I was happy to be in a cohort of wonderful women and lead by Ricky, our moderator extraordinaire. I feel much more confident in my public speaking abilities, as I never had classes or training before to help me understand how to properly structure and formulate my speeches before. I’ve always been confident in what I am talking about, but have struggled to feel like I’ve delivered speeches that were impactful and concise. That worry is gone now. I want to host large workshops for big audiences and to even give a TEDtalk one day, and Chamber Speaks was a great place to begin building my confidence and skill. Thank you to everyone who put this together! I highly recommend this program!!

Kristen Thomas - Certified Sex Coach, Owner - Open the Doors Coaching

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