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Solicitation For Board Candidates 2024-2025

The Mid-America Chamber of Commerce is soliciting candidates for the upcoming Board-of-Directors election. The terms are three years and begin on September 1st, 2024.

Applications are open to any member in good standing. To be considered applications must be received by April 29th, 2024. 

As our queer community faces challenges, our board is always seeking to expand its technical knowledge, community relationships, and membership strength to best serve our diverse population.

This year, the Nominations Committee is seeking to fill two board seats with candidates who bring an array of knowledge to serve the community as we face many challenges and opportunities. While we encourage everyone to apply, candidates with experience in the following are preferred:

  • Fundraising Skills: Seeking individuals with a proven track record in fundraising, whether through grant writing, donor cultivation, or corporate sponsorship acquisition. Ideally, candidates who have experience strategizing and executing successful fundraising campaigns and who are passionate about advancing the chamber's mission through financial support.
  • Community and Corporate Connections: Seeking candidates who have extensive networks within both the LGBTQIA community and the corporate world. They should have the ability to leverage these connections to secure partnerships, sponsorships, and support for the chamber's initiatives. Ideally, individuals who are well-respected and influential within their networks and who have a demonstrated commitment to advancing LGBTQIA causes.
  • Connections within the LGBTQIA Community, particularly the TGX Community: Specifically looking for individuals who have deep connections and experience working with the TGX (transgender and gender non-conforming) community. They should have a nuanced understanding of the unique challenges and needs of this community and be dedicated to advocating for its rights and inclusion. Ideally, candidates who have been actively involved in TGX-focused organizations, advocacy groups, or support networks.

By recruiting board members with expertise in fundraising, community and corporate connections, and a strong focus on the TGX community, the LGBTQ chamber can strengthen its ability to raise funds, expand its network of supporters, and ensure that it remains inclusive and responsive to the needs of all LGBTQIA individuals.

The Chamber’s Mission

The Mid-America LGBT Chamber of Commerce mission is to advocate, promote, and facilitate the success of the LGBTQ+ business community. The Chamber's purpose is to create, identify and enhance business opportunities for LGBTQ+ and LGBTQ+ friendly organizations, thereby fostering a more equitable, inclusive, and vibrant economy in Kansas City and the Mid-America region.

We invite talented individuals, passionate about the Mid-America LGBT Chamber of Commerce and our work to help us advance our mission and purpose.  In addition to a diverse mix of skills, experience and perspectives, the Chamber seeks board members with the following attributes.  They….

are compelled by the chamber’s mission
are big thinkers that inspire others to think big
have an inner intensity and drive to make the chamber excel
are modest, humble, and self-effacing
lead by example
see the challenges coming
are forthright enough to address the challenges head-on
are resilient in the face of uncomfortable and hard barriers between the chamber and greatness
are engaged enough – and confident enough — to passionately debate in a respectful manner

Sound Like You?

Please submit your application here.  Questions about the nominations process or application can be submitted to

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