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ACTION ALERT: Contact Your Kansas Representative to Vote to Sustain Governor Kelly’s Veto of SB355

As a result of the motion to reconsider SB355, also known as the Ad Astra 2 redistricting map for the state, the Kansas Senate overrode Governor Kelly's veto of the bill yesterday, Tuesday, February 8. The decision to override is now in the House. The Chamber urges the Kansas House to sustain the veto, supporting Governor Kelly's decision, and send the bill back to the committee on redistricting.

The Chamber believes that this bill is not a clear or fair representation of Kansas voters. This bill will split the population in Wyandotte County; this will separate contiguous groups and disrupt county lines. In addition, the separation of the county will greatly decrease the power of the Hispanic and Black votes by shifting portions of those populations out of their current district and replacing them with more rural populations from outlying counties further from the Metro.

The Chamber supports keeping Wyandotte County in District 3.  Keeping all of Wyandotte County in Congressional District 3 creates transparent legislative process that respects common interest and contiguity communities. We encourage legislators always to respect historically underrepresented minority communities when establishing new districts.

We urge that you contact your local legislators and the committee on redistricting to pursue a fair & equitable solution. Urge them to support a plan that does not reduce the impact of marginalized communities and keeps the Kansas City Metro together to the maximum extent possible.

You can find your local representative and senator HERE.

A listing of Committee on Redistricting members can be found HERE.

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