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The Mid-America LGBT Chamber of Commerce stands in opposition of Kansas HB2791 and HB2792. These bills, which would ban organizations that receive state funds from recommending gender-affirming care for transgender Kansans under the age of 18, is contrary to care recommended by every major medical organization. These bills would also block the state’s medical assistance program from providing coverage for gender-affirming care for minors, and health care providers who provide treatment would be subject to punitive measures. These bills are written with inflammatory language designed to provoke outrage, and are not reflective of current health care practices. 

We call on the Kanas legislature to discourage members from introducing bills based only on political showmanship as these bills drain legislative time and resources. We call for an efficient legislative body with a focus on purposeful legislation that promotes a thriving labor market. We recognize that bills such as these negatively impact our member businesses’ ability to attract and retain high-quality talent. 

Contact your legislator to let them know you stand against these bills. Visit and click on Find Your Legislator for contact information for your senator and representative.

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